Boat design – Laser Vortex

Der Laser Vortex wurde angeblich entwickelt, weil in einigen britishen Clubs keine Katamarane erlaubt waren.   Ich mag zwar keine Trapezboote finde die Rumpfkonstruktion jedoch sehr interessant, da sie Schnelligkeit mit guter Bootsstabilität verbindet.

The Laser Vortex is a high performance sailing dinghy designed by Jo Richards and awarded the „Sailboat of the Year“ title on its introduction in 2000. It is a tunnel hulled single hander that has a trapeze and an optional Asymmetric spinnaker. It is manufactured by White Formula UK Ltd under licence from a consortium headed up by Jonathan Carter. Jo Richard remains the owner of the design. Laser Performance are no longer involved with the Vortex. In 2013 the decision was made to drop ‚Laser‘ from the name, the boat is now known only as the Vortex.

The development of the Asymmetric ‚kit‘ by Association Chairman and keen Vortex enthusiast Keith Escritt has brought new life to the class, with over 100 boats now flying the asymmetric option.

In handicap racing the Vortex sails off a Portsmouth Yardstick of 940 in the UK[1] and 86.8 in the USA .[2]



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