Inside the Most FUTURISTIC Campervan / DIY Van Tour


Our futuristic „tiny home“ van tour is finally here! We’ve spent countless hours designing, filming, and building this diy campervan, and we could not love it more!

This camper was originally a DPD delivery van we purchased in 2020 for $12,000. We tried to be as innovative, creative, and practical as possible to ensure this van is perfect for us in all the MANY years to come. Modularity was key for this build, and lucky for us if we ever forget how we created something in the van, we have VERY detailed videos of every step of the entire process 😉

The Van Build Bundle includes our Van Build Parts List, full wiring diagrams, plumbing diagrams, all STLs for our 3D prints, water tank dimensions, layout design course, and so much more!

00:00 Project Summary

01:45 Security & Solar Panels

03:32 TOUR BEGINS: Kitchen

08:06 Couch Recliner, Curtains

10:18 Work Spaces: 5k Monitor, Cab

17:33 Tech Wall, 3D Printer, Control Panel

22:27 Entry unit, “Getting Ready” Zone, Closet

26:00 Full Convertible Bathroom

27:55 Bed Lift

29:08 Roof Windows & Water Tanks

30:32 Garage, Electric Bikes, Battery

32:19 Water System, Outdoor Shower, Charging


„Sophisticated Camper Van Conversion – 3 Years Start to Finish“

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