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Our Bestseller for your medium size van (T5/T6, Trafic, Expert, Jumpy etc…), the Drifter features everything you need to make your self-build dream a reality – and nothing you don’t. A multi-functional Bed, plenty of storage, a pop-up table and a dedicate space for cooking inside.

This kit delivers you exceptional value for money and the perfect starting blocks for your dream campervan.


At Simple Vans, it’s our mission to help make your self-build project a success, by building beautiful, precision crafted plywood furniture that’s the perfect foundation for your dream camper van.

Everything is created in France and shipped throughout Europe.

Building your own camper van furniture from scratch is difficult and time-consuming – trust us, we’ve been there. But hiring someone to do the work for you instead is not only expensive, it also takes away the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

That’s why Simple Vans is the perfect solution. We combine our design expertise with years of camper conversion experience to create professional-standard furniture that can be installed by anyone, from enthusiastic beginners to van conversion professionals.

We use high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to create furniture that’s easy to assemble and install, looks great and lasts for years.

Best of all it’s just as easy to un-install, meaning you’ll be able to transfer it to your next van project… and the next!

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Man hat jeweils noch allerhand zu montieren und nachzuarbeiten. Die Oberflächen sind rauh. Die Preise sind niedrig. Die Kits beschleunigen den Van-Ausbau erheblich. Wer einen Sommerurlaub im Van verbringt und daher die Hotelkosten spart, hat die Kosten für ein Ausbau-Kit schon wieder hereingeholt 🙂

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