Building my CamperVan + Life, love and loss | Ep. 54

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I am so excited to finally show you what I’ve been working on for the last month, and to also give you a little overall life update with all its ups and downs. My campervan is finally finished and it became the van of my dreams! I can’t wait to go on my first roadtrip now.
Now it’s June and the time of midsummer here in Sweden. The days are endless. The nights are bright as a cloudy day and this is my favorite time of the year. So much flowing energy in nature. It’s magical. I look forward to share more of the beautiful Swedish summer in the next video.
I hope you enjoyed watching this! Thank you for being here. You make the world a more beautiful place ♥
Sending you all LOTS of love!
Kommentar: bei meinen Recherchen zu Campervans, die eine ähnliche Grösse wie mein Ford Transit – L1 H2 – aufweisen, stiess ich zufällig auf Jonna Jinton, die nicht nur fotografiert, filmt, malt, tanzt und singt, sondern auch die unglaubliche Zahl von fast 4 Millionen Abonnenten zurückblicken kann.

Sie lebt übrigens in Grundjärn. wo sie nur 11 Nachbarn hat, denn sie hasst Städte.

Daher habe ich gleich eines ihrer Videos angehängt, welches 42 Millionen Zuschauer hatte.:

The Nordic Morning Routine – Ice bath

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