Los Roques Babyyy (Sailing La Vagabonde) – Ep. 26

Our 3 day sail to Los Roques from Grenada was a mighty good one. We kept each other entertained and made the most of our time at sea with no form of communication with the rest of the world for a few days, which we we hadn’t had in a while. We arrived in Grande Roque, the main island of the bunch. We expected the island to be quite expensive after reading on the internet that it was. But we soon found out that it was exactly the opposite! Probably the cheapest place we have ever been so far! Stoked. We try and get the outboard fixed in the town but the language barrier makes it quite hard to explain the situation. Luckily some friendly dudes took it from us and handball it to a fisherman on another island to fix. He gets the job done, and we are free to go and explore the number of deserted islands in Los Roques!! Yeeehah.

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Song Credits:
Eddy Current – Colour Television

Sailing La Vagabonde

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